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As the days of July turned into August, something in my Caucasian female genetic make up decided it was time to start planning for the holidays. Now the logical side of me pat myself on the pack and said 'Good job! Plan and budget and budget and plan!' *I have plenty of lists and guidelines for holiday budgeting under my Fortune and Frugality section* But the not so rational side became giddy at the prospect of chafing dishes and place cards. The fun part of Q4 to every year, is that I have both my daughter's birthdays, two nephews' birthdays, as well as the usual madness the holiday season brings us. And it's not like my extreme need to plan didn't have the party themes picked in June or anything psychotic like that....

I digress. The point of this post is to show all the fun and partial DIY's that went into making my daughter's second birthday (Two Sweet) come to be! To start, a little background on this baby. She loves to eat...ANYTHING. Poison control is on speed dial and girlfriend is a big fan of food. When I saw the Two Sweet (the o in two shaped like a bitten donut) I knew I struck Pinterest gold. 

We decided to do fettuccine and tortellini. Now if I was at all good at cooking, I'd advise you to go to the homemade pasta section of aisle 598352038 where you would get ___________ to mix with ___________ and season with ____________. But, with my lack of skill and desire for a pasta dinner, I picked up 4 jars of red sauce, 4 jars of alfredo sauce, 5 packages of store brand fettucinie, two large bags of frozen tortellini (don't tell Gordon), frozen bread-sticks, and asked my mom to make meatballs because when I asked for her recipe, I was met with 'I don't have a recipe, I just wing it.' For the desserts (aka the only reason why I like parties aside from decor), I have the following unintentionally anti-keto menu. Funfetti cupcakes in ice cream cones, sugar cookies that look like donuts, and a strawberry cake made to look like a giant cupcake to top it all off.  

A little trick I started last year. Because my daughters' birthdays are so close together, I do different themes but with similar colors. That way I pick up the same color napkins and plates and BAM! Done with plate/napkin shopping and I probably saved $10. Heyohhhhhh! This is why we have aqua and pink as some main colors throughout. Desserts can be any fun bright color, and my other daughter wanted a flamingo themed party. 

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